About the Artist

Cylie Miller

I currently reside in Boulder, Colorado and make jewelry at my home studio and the Boulder Metalsmithing Assocation studio. I enjoy being so close to the mountains and spending time in nature with my dog. We often go hiking, camping, or walk around our neighborhood. Creating art is a passion of mine and I have worked on many different projects such as metalsmithing, macrame, beaded jewelry, and even building my own campervan.

About the Brand

Desert cacti banner for handmade sterling silver and turquoise jewelry business

Westry Jewelry

This business is as much an idea for me as it is selling jewelry. I took up silversmithing to have something completely different than what I did in my career. Working with metal is quite different than working on computers. When I would find myself looking up at the studio clock and seeing hours gone by without notice, I knew I had accomplished something I've struggled with my whole life: deep focus.

Westry uses sustainably sourced stones from trusted artists and recycles metal scraps into new jewelry. Made with only quality materials, this jewelry is meant to last.